We are working on the construction of a unique Eco-Resort of 18 Lodges,

offering a panoramic view on the Pacific Ocean.

Nested in a beautifully preserved setting of 15 hectares ending with a beach,

the CAMBU Eco-Resort will be built near Cambutal,

in the Province of Los Santos in Panama.

This exceptional venue will host a contemporary hotel structure designed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Its conception has been driven by a strong desire

to lay the foundation of an efficient economic development,

socially equitable and ecologically sustainable.

The concept aim at generating a synergy by mixing associative,

technical and ecotourism elements, to create an innovative societal model.

Together with the creation of the CAMBU Eco-Resort, we will form an Association promoting sustainable development that will benefit from 1.5% of the turnover of the Eco-Resort.

This association will train young Panamanians on the different techniques of construction, operation and preservation of the environment (renewable energies,

permaculture, wildlife conservation program...).


As a result, they will tomorrow become the bearers and actors of the promotion and disseminationin their country of a precious technical knowledge

in the field of sustainable development.


All the partners of this project will thus be able to demonstrate in a concrete and very pragmatic manner their commitment toward sustainable development.

CAMBU will be one of the first Eco-Resorts truly acting in favor of

sustainable development in Central America

(societal, sustainable and ethical project).


The entire project is part of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach.


The seller of the land will be kept involved. He will benefit from

1% of the turnover of the Eco-Resort

for the preservation of the remaining 270 hectares, and to create synergies

in the field of resources management. 


The total building surface area (the 18 lodges, the main building and the Association offices) will cover approximately 2400 m2, in an environment where

the preservation and reforestation of the land

will be on the top of the priority list.

Eco-tourism center

- Observation and preservation of fauna and flora.

- Horseback riding. 

- Visits to Cerro Hoya Park.

- Yoga, relaxation, well-being.

- Participatory workshops on various topics.

- Cultural activities, exhibits, historical site.

- Reintroduction of endemic medicinal plants through the Association.

- Surfing.

- Game fish, surfcasting.

- Golf course & synthetic putting green Area.

Technical center


- Contemporary bioclimatic architecture (interpretation of traditional architecture).

- Wooden frame structure (wood species of Central and South American origin,

originating from certified forestry).

- Energetic self-sufficiency through renewable production means (solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal...).

- Wastewater treatment via phytopurification.

- Rainwater harvesting (used for swimming pools, green spaces, toilets).

- Management of all waters.

- Permaculture program.

- Organic agricultural production.

- Accessibility for people with reduced mobility (PRM).

The key components of this ambitious project have never made as much sense as they do today. It mirrors a growing collective awareness of the urgent need

to change the way our consumerist  society operates.

Our comprehensive reflections on the design of the CAMBU  Eco-Resort have pressed us to target individual initiative to achieve a collective, ethical, societal,

profitable and ecologically sustainable project.


The response provided by this global reflection on the design of

CAMBU led us to seek individual initiative

to achieve a collective, ethical, societal, profitable,

and ecologically sustainable project.

Dimitri Flourac


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